Get Paid To Fish From A Triton!



Triton Gold continues to grow at an unprecedented pace as more anglers get on board with Triton Boats.

Triton Gold offers the opportunity to reel in more cash bonuses than any other tournament contingency program, currently there are over 3000 Triton Gold sanctioned tournaments that offer the opportunity to win your share in over $20,000,000 in potential cash payouts! The lucrative Triton Gold tournament bonus program offers up to $7,000 to Triton Boats owners who win an eligible tournament. Triton Gold sanctions a host of freshwater and saltwater tournaments targeting bass, walleye, crappie, redfish and stripers. To receive Triton Gold awards, you must register (once annually). You may register at any time during the year.

The Triton Gold registration fee is $100 for the year and runs January 1 thru December 31. When you sign up you will receive: Customized Triton Tournament Jersey, Triton Gold Visor, Triton Gold Hat, and Two Triton Gold decals, all this valued at over $150.

The rules are simple, beyond that it’s up to your determination and on-the-water transportation … don’t miss a golden opportunity!
For more detailed information and program rules for Triton Gold, see our full online Triton Benefits section at or see your local dealer.


General Information

  • Must sign up each year to qualify, membership expires December 31 of each year. (member receives decal only)
  • 4 model year boats qualify (2018, 2019, 2020, 2021).
  • Must put contingency program decal (Tournament Rewards, Ranger Cup or Triton Gold) on driver side windshield/console of qualifying boat.
  • Must meet clothing guidelines (these specific to each brand).


  • This program is for registered Triton retail owners with a Triton fishing boat with factory installed livewell.
  • Eligible tournaments (from the list of sanctioned Triton Gold tournaments listed on must boast a field of 60 or more boats and must have an accessible means of posting official tournament results, i.e. newsletter / publication, website, original hard-copy printouts.
  • To receive any contingencies, the Triton owner must be the first place finisher in a qualified tournament or the highest finisher if the qualifying Triton Gold tournament is approved for Highest Finisher payouts, which can be found at
  • The Triton Owners Tournament is excluded from the Triton Gold bonus program.
  • Triton Gold contingency claim forms must be submitted within 30-days of tournament win and can be obtained on www. by clicking on the Triton Gold Bonus Claim Form. Claim form must come complete with some form of official tournament results verification (ex. newsletter/magazine listing, website results printout, or original hard-copy) depicting Triton owner’s first place finish and a participating field of 60 or more boats. Also claim forms must be accompanied by a photo (from the tournament the claim relates to) showing the winning angler in his or her Triton shirt and or cap. Please allow 6-8 weeks for approval and processing. The winning Triton retail owner is solely responsible for submitting the completed claim form and accompanying tournament results verification to: or WRMG Services, PO Box 421169, Houston, TX, 77242.
  • Owners must register for Triton Gold, purchasing a boat does NOT automatically register you in the program. To register your newly purchased boat, you must call 1-800-979-2872 to register for Triton Gold.

For a list of winners or rules, send a self-addressed envelope to Triton at the above address. Triton Gold headquarters reserves the right to determine final retail owner bonus eligibility for all claims and disqualify the eligibility of any individual found to be tampering with or abusing the operation of these contingencies or to be acting in violation of these rules.


  • Bass Elite and Bass Pro Tour/MLF Cup:  $10,000 to win a regular season event, if fishing from qualifying boat with 200 horsepower or larger engine.
  • All other approved events with 60 or more boats (see website for complete list):  $7,000 to win an event, if fishing from qualifying boat with a 200 horsepower engine or larger. If winner does not meet qualifying guidelines and qualifying angler finishes in the top 10, then they will be eligible for a $500 highest finisher cash payout. (For each brand, could be up to 3 highest top 10 finisher).
  • If winner has qualifying boat powered by a 60-175 horsepower engine, then they will receive a $1,000 cash payout.
  • If an angler’s boat who wins an approved event is between a 2010-2017 year models, then they will be eligible for a $500 BPS/Cabela’s gift card.


  • By participating, all participants and the winners agree to release and hold harmless Triton from any liability whatsoever and waive any and all causes of action arising out of or in connection with the contingencies or the tournaments. Each California participant further agrees that all rights under Section 1542 of the California Civil Code are hereby expressly waived.


  • The first place finisher will be solely responsible for any and all federal, state, and local taxes on contingencies.
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