by Paul Elias

I have been fishing professionally for over 30 years. During this time I have seen and experienced all types of new lures hit the market. For example, in 1976 on Rend Lake in Illinois I was fishing a Tournament in July. It was very hot and fishing was somewhat slow. There was a guy entered in the tournament, his name was Bill Harkins (could be spelled wrong) and he had a lure he had invented called a Lunker Lure. This lure took the bass fishing world to another level as far as topwater was concerned. The lure went on to be called a buzz bait and now there are several dozen versions of the bait on the market.

There have been several other lure inventions since the buzz bait that have caused a stir in bass fishing, but I cannot think of many others that have received the attention the Alabama Rig is getting since my victory on Lake Guntersville in mid October.

My learning about the Alabama Rig was a very fortunate situation. I was helping MC a weighin on Lake Pickwick the first part of September. After the weighin was over Andy Poss, the inventer of the alabama rig, called me over to his boat and showed me the rig. After talking to Andy for a while and hearing all the quality fish he had been catching I was very interested in trying it out.

Andy gave me a couple of the rigs. I had sold my 2011 Triton and was waiting to get my 2012 Triton so about a month went by. I decided to fish the FLW Open on Guntersville. I rigged the Alabama Rig up with Mann’s swimbaits and stuck it in my rod locker. When I got to guntersville I started the first morning of practice fishing the typical guntersville fall pattern which was buzz baits and frogs around and in the grass. I fished from daylight until around noon and never got one bite. I was moving to another location and while idling under a bridge I decided to try the Alabama rig around the bridge pilings. I caught a 3lb plus bass on my very first cast and in the next 15 minutes caught a 5 fish limit weighing about 17lbs. I was able to secure several solid patterns on the Alabama Rig and went on to catch over 100 lbs of bass and win the tournament by over a 17lb margin.

Out of all the years I have been fishing the fall of the year has always been the most difficult to catch quality fish. The Alabama Rig produced so many Quality fish because you can catch suspended bass something that is uaually very hard to do.

You can find the Alabama Rig in most of the tackle stores so I would suggest you get one and try it out. You will most likely be glad you did.

Good fishing and God Bless



Photos Courtesy of BASS Communications

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