Triton Gold Delivers huge payouts!

Triton owners, get your share of over $600,000* in Triton Gold during the Weekend Bass Series regular season. Plus, over $115,000* in contingency monies available in the Ray Scott Championship. This is the most exciting regular-season tournament format ever offered for weekend fishermen! With 5 weekend tournaments scheduled in each of 18 divisions, with a 1st Place guarantee of $5,000 (if the field reaches 100 boats) plus $7,000* more in Triton Gold bonus monies to qualified anglers. Triton owners get the benefit of pre-registration for Weekend Bass Series Tournaments. For more information, go to or visit an authorized Triton Boats dealer.

*Total amounts based upon maximum payout of contingency benefits. Actual benefits paid may be less depending upon number of winners. Certain conditions and rules apply. Bonus offers supersede all other bonus offers. Triton owners must be Triton Gold members and abide by all program rules. Interpretation of Triton Gold rules will be exclusively Triton’s and Triton Gold members agree to abide by decisions made by Triton Boats.