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Triton Owners Net $1000s at Federation Champ

Posted: 5/19/2003

Ashland City, TN (5-19-03) – The 2003 BASS Federation Championship is complete and Triton owners have come-out on top. Thanks to the BASS Federation Alliance ownership bonus program Triton Boat owners pocketed nearly $80,000 in cash and product.

Awards paid to Triton Boat owners and their State Federations at this past weekend’s Tuscaloosa, AL BASS Federation Championship include:

• $1,500 in cash was paid to each of the following Federation Championship contenders: Jerry Shawver II, Brian Morin, Ron Scheider, Michael Gibney, Charles Sjobeck, and Harold Walters.

• $23,750 in cash (combined) was paid to the following State Federations, as a result of their anglers loyalty to Triton Boats: AL, CO, CT, GA, ID, MD, ME, MS, MT, NC, NE, NH, NJ, NM, NY, OH, TN, TX, VT, WA, WV.

• The Rhode Island BASS Federation won a fully rigged Tr20 boat with a Mercury 200 EFI, worth approx. $30,000.

• $15,000 in cash was paid to the Federation Championship winner Jerry Shawver II for his ownership of a Triton Boat. Congratulations Jerry, you are a great Champion!

The BASS Federation Alliance program was introduced by four of BASS’ key sponsors (Triton, Mercury, Skeeter, and Yamaha) to support this grass-roots group for their loyalty to our brands and the industry.