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Earl Bentz to Build Aluminum Boats Through New Summit Boats Venture

Posted: 3/14/2002

Some folks just can't sit still. He's been a world powerboat racing champion, a tournament fisherman, and recently has helped pilot Triton Boats to the top spot as America's #1 selling fiberglass fishing boat brand.

Now Earl Bentz has formed an alliance with fellow boating industry executive Phil Faulkner to build a line of quality aluminum boats through their new company, Summit Boats. The new aluminum boat company will produce boats exclusively for Triton Boats and they will be sold through the Triton Boats dealer network - regarded by many as the finest group in the industry.

The 92,000 square foot aluminum boat manufacturing facility is located on approximately 45 acres in Aberdeen, Mississippi. Earl noted, "Aberdeen is just a few miles from West Point, Mississippi where Fisher aluminum boats, once the standard for the industry, were produced." When production starts in early 2001, Summit will employ more than 250 people from the community. "Much of our workforce will consist of these great boat builders and people from the surrounding area", who according to Faulkner, a native of the area, "have a tremendous work ethic and community spirit." "I compare the quality of these dedicated people and their boat building skills to the workforce we have at the Triton fiberglass boat plant in Ashland City, Tennessee", Bentz said, "When you consider the Aberdeen Community, the facility and the people, it's a formula for success that can't be beat."

Manufacturing plans call for water tests of a 16' series - bass, crappie and duck boats - by mid-November, with larger performance-oriented aluminum bass boats debuting early in 2001. Future plans call for production of a full line of V-bottom fishing boats, duck boats, utility boats and more.

Earl promises that his hands-on approach, which many credit for the success of Triton Boats, will be inevitable at Summit boats as well. Says Earl … "At Triton we offer just one level of quality - the very best. I'm determined to make sure that the welded aluminum boats from Summit remain true to that philosophy. These wood-free boats will give fishermen and outdoorsmen a new, higher level of quality in their choice of watercraft."

Asked whether the new aluminum boats can possibly rival the success that Triton fiberglass has enjoyed, Earl responded, "Only time will tell, but we have high expectations. I'm confident that our product will deliver more than competitive offerings and these welded aluminum boats will provide a perfect fit for Triton dealers." Earl continued, "I can't overstate the importance of Triton dealers in the success that our company has enjoyed and the growth that we look for in the future. They are quality men and women, and that's what it takes to maintain the proud image of Triton Boats."

For more information about the #1 selling fiberglass fishing boats in America or Triton Boats' new aluminum models from Summit Boats, contact:
Neal Hart, Triton Boats, 15 Bluegrass Drive, Ashland City, TN 37015
Phone 615-792-6767